Monday, December 06, 2004

(start a rumor monday...)

maybe not, thinks berry.

6. december. 2004--in an amazing change of heart, halle berry admitted that winning the academy award for her leading role in monster's ball, was perhaps problematic and kinda fucked up after all. berry went as far to say that on second thought she probably shouldn't have taken the role at all, and perhaps the academy chose her because she was dumb enough to see it an honor, and not as an indication of how fucked up hollywood really is. though she thinks the "red gumball" scene some of her best work, she's also really shitty that she thanked vivica fox during her acceptance speech due to the latter's role during the lil jon performance at the 2004 mtv music awards. says berry, "that was even less classy than eating chocolate ice cream on an old racist white guy's porch."

she's still gonna keep the oscar.

(for the dumb asses: i made this shit up.)

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger nahmix said...

So now she sees the light and is turning up her nose at Vivica too? This bitch needs to go buy another!

6/12/04 18:50  
Blogger nahmix said...

sorry hit publish accidently before i was finished. I was simply gonna end with...yeah thats a big joke alright!

6/12/04 18:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just seeing that picture makes me want to suck my teeth. I wasn't mad at Halle for crying; I was mad at her for being grateful that she got an award for playing a whore. She should have used her speech to put H-wood on blast. It was a perfect opportunity. She could have pointed out how fucked up it was that she had to be beast-fucked by a white dude to get props from the fucking Academy, flipped it, and said she was accepting the award for her role in "Queen." That would have been gangster as hell. Some truly historical shit.

8/12/04 21:16  

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