Wednesday, August 01, 2007

joint to joint

You know, an interlude can really fuck up an album. There you are, on the treadmill, thinking maybe you weren't wrong to be lightweight digging Missy's Da Real World back in '99. Then, that Lil Kim interlude comes on, and as you listen to her incoherence-- you know, "Yo, this the Queen Bee and I came to say a little something on my girl, Missy, shit...You see bitch is a strong word. And only strong bitches can use that muthafuckin' terminology bitch," (Kudos to Kim for using the word, "terminology")--a deluge of "Niggas ain't shit, and they ain't never gonna be shit"-esque thoughts flood your head. Or, maybe that's just me. Anyway, the dissonance of the bad interlude compels you to skip to the next song, or just turn off the album altogether. Missy is not alone in her interlude missteps. Recorded acts of sexual encounters sponsored by Bad Boy records have left me querying, "Who the fuck thought putting this shit on a record was a good idea?"

That said, there are some interludes that I find absolutely essential to my cd-listening experience. Though I can't stand to hear Nas do his voice imitation of a slave during the intro to It Was Written, the phrase "[Talkin' that ole] off the wall 'Back to Africa' shit," at the beginning of "Black Girl Lost," is still a personal favorite. In the meantime, I've thought of a few more interludes I do adore:

The Madd Rapper: "This my fourth album." The Madd Rapper interludes, especially from Biggie's Life After Death are still funny to me. Lately, me and my old lady been using the previous quote to express exasperation.

The Fugees: Though I still occasionally employ the "L-Boogie Only" method when listening (meaning, I will listen to a song only through Lauryn Hill's verse, and move on), I will pause for a moment and listen to a few of the interludes.

Kim and Cookie (Outkast): 'kast has given me great interludes throughout the years, but this is by far one of my favorite interludes of all time. Only "Where Are My Panties?" comes rivals it.

Wyclef: I've often contended that Wyclef's solo album, The Carnival, marked the last time he seemed that relevant to hip hop. Ten years later, I still love this album. The interludes help make the album one sustained concept, you know? I mean to describe it in the way you might think about Marvin Gaye's What's Going On? When I hear WGO, I hear one song, with about 9 different movements. The comparison ends there. The Carnival is, I guess, a score. And the interludes are pretty damn funny...



language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Anonymous Anonymous said...

u still using the word nigga in your posts? why?

1/8/07 19:34  
Blogger Spook said...

Son, you so right, kid!

Damn where did Nas get that wack “slavery” shit from!

Least he could’ve done was bite from The Roots TV movie, like sampling Fiddlers, “You aint in Africa no more Guinea man! You in America! Hear me talk’n Nigghua You in America!”

Nas Just sounded like Dave Chappell making fun of Nas acting like a slave. But I still got love fo the Nigga.

Yea I loved Biggie’s “mad rapper skit”. But honestly I don’t miss the Nigga at all and if Tupac is gone then Biggie should be Gone! Yea I know a Spook got issues, but when Biggie stepped away from Tupac- after Biggie dropped Ready to Die-, he went from the serious to the ghetto frivolous. He became nothing but a Fat P. Silly, his boy who founded Stupid Negro Boy Records. Sorry I’m not that good with names (wink)

I mean how many songs can you make about” hoes, clothes and videos about cloths hoes and expensive liquor and killing people on record? Well I guess a lot because that’s the only thing playing these days. Hip hop maye not be dead but it sho is on life support at Cook County Hospital with no insurience!

But Damn what the F*ck was Biggie rapping about( in that song Niggas Bleed)busting into a rival drug dealers luxury hotel, shooting up every body stealing cash and cocaine, then and escaping down the fire escape! Come on that fat ass Nigga, please!

Now as far as OutKast goes, I like the “old” interludes like from the Aquemini album, when they had the old record store owner who said “ahhh ahhh ahhh we aint got no cash in the register no what I mean? yall look like some thugs!” and “we Got that new Pimp Trick Gangsta Clicks CD aint even come out yet!”
But now OutKast should change their name to Crossed Over and OutKaste, with they flashy pimp/ Minister cloths. What they own designer drugs?

And I aint even gone dignify Stupid Kim, wish she was with Biggie or still locked up. Every time I see a young ten juke’n I think of her dumb ass.

And word on Wycliff, I’m still rocking Carnival, cause any thing can happened, and no bodies protected! Which reminds me, that the song "Year of the Dragon" was the last decent song Lauren Hill did- wit her crazy religious ass- when she dropped science like
“Fat laces on my feet when crack first hits the streets” and
“Tragic depression made her lose all her teeth, lost and turned out gave her body to the streets”

Now she got all religious and started having all those lil "niggets" ! Why can’t Black Stars start adopting some of their own Black Babies? Heck white stars are doing it! And THIS doesn’t mean R. Kelly! I don’t want that Niggga getting any ideas!

I'm out like a poo black familie's lights

6/8/07 16:33  

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