Friday, August 17, 2007


Dear Reginald Hudlin,

I don't know how successful your new shows have been since I don't really watch them, but just in case you're still feeling generous with your airtime, I'd like to pitch a gameshow. I've tentatively titled it "Blacker Than."

Here's the deal: it's kind of like playing the dozens, but instead of talking about each other's mama, each contestant tries to outwit the other by coming up with something that's "blacker than" the other. Each round, there's a general topic, say for example, "Movie Theater Etiquette." The first contestant says something they think is really black, such as, "Bringing a two piece meal and a 40 to the theater." It's the next contestant's job to come up with something blacker. He or she might say, "Bringing your baby with you to the 9:00 show at a Magic Johnson movie theater." Then the next contestant might say something like, "Shooting somebody at the movie theater." Play would continue until one contestant remains; he/she would win a point or a prize or something. Three contestants become two, and finally one. The remaining contestant would then go to the championship round where she would have to face Jumpin' Jim, knower of all black things. (Think of ESPN's "Stump the Schwab"). In that round, Jumpin' Jim would say something really black (e.g. Bill Clinton), and the contestant would have to say something even blacker (like Marion Berry). Since this round is more difficult, the contestant will get one plessy pass card if she's stumped. If she can outblack Jumpin' Jim three times before he stumps her, she wins.

You could give away rims or something.

Tell the kids at Viacom Flavor Flav can host.

Let me know if you're interested.

Summer M.


language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Anonymous a. said...

I don't know why I initially thought Hudlin was going to be good for BET. I should have known better. Anything associated with BET is just wrong.

17/8/07 17:55  
Blogger Hollambeeee said...

sad because the descrip of your (faux) show reflects flav's roast...

19/8/07 17:28  
Blogger Spook said...

Mannnnnnnnn, Flava Flave needs to get got, fa real!

Who wants to make their bones, cause I’m paying!

Yea I’m tak’n out a contact on Flava Flav!

Who ever brings me his bloody platinum fronts
gets a four piece from Church’s Fried Chicken! Yea I'm talking dinner, grape pop, French fries and Jalapeno pepper and a pie, all included!

And what’s up with Chuck D?

He created this Minstrelstien Monster running lose through the American conscience and subconscious!

21/8/07 12:28  

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