Friday, July 29, 2005

this weekend's essay: shout out your siblings

cheers, baby!

for those of you who don't pay close attention, i'm the eldest of four. and i give my youngest sis, janelle mad love on my blog e'ry now and then. sunday (july 31) is janelle's 21st birthday (hence the destiny's child musical selection), so in honor of that, this weekend's essay has to do with siblings. do you have any? how many? why do you love/loathe them? etc. etc...

anyway, i'm gonna go ahead and present to you 21 reasons why i love my (lil) sis:
  1. janelle is a fucking superstar, and she will not let you forget it.
  2. regarding number 1, janelle will say some shit to you, or have you do some shit for her that is so surreptitiously 'diva' it'll be a minute before you realize she played you for her personal assistant.
  3. janelle is, undoubtedly, the funniest person i know.
  4. she's prolly the only person i could drink coffee (that tasted like hot chocolate) with, watch drumline and kissing jessica stein over and over, and then openly wonder why the hell we were still awake.
  5. she calls me when i'm on some bullshit.
  6. when she was a kid, she thought i was cool, even though all evidence pointed to the opposite.
  7. she can dis me so hard that my only response is silence. who else can consistently do that?
  8. the kid's got guts. she's not afraid to try and fail.
  9. she wrote the book on pimpology. everyone she's ever dated is still in love with her. and, she told her current b/f that he was gonna like her--and he did.
  10. unlike her older sister, she was generally quite the pleasant and talkative child.
  11. even though i give her shit about her musical taste (dc3, m. carey, etc.) she's just like 'fuck you. listen to this.' and i'll listen. that's dope.
  12. jneezy has an 'it's all about me' swerve going. somehow, she's able to convince a lot of people that it is all about her.
  13. CONFIDENCE. if you ever meet janelle, do this: say, 'janelle, you look really nice today.' and janelle will respond, 'i know.'
  14. whether it's going to the grocery store or taking out the trash, janelle will make that shit fun.
  15. HONESTY. if i run some shit i been thinking about by janelle, she'll be like, 'that's stupid, and i can't believe you just told me that.' i appreciate her frankness.
  16. IT'S NOT JUST HYPE. you know how you can talk about a mofo to folks, and when they meet them they're all disappointed and junk? well, janelle lives up to the hype. most folks think when i'm talking about j i'm being all hyperbolic, but when they meet her, they're like, your description of her was completely understated.
  17. what janelle wants, janelle gets. i've no clue how she does this time and time again.
  18. she's a jill of all trades: she dances, she sings, does imitations, plays (college) volleyball...
  19. OPTIMISM. though i claim it annoys the fuck outta me, janelle's optimism and sunshine-like demeanor are more pleasant than i care to admit. (in fact, i will deny even thinking such thoughts in about 30 seconds.)
  20. she makes me feel like i was a decent big sister.
  21. she loves me no matter what.

have a great weekend.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger Alii said...

so iveheard about janelle...what about the other 3????

Happy Birthday Janelle!!!Now u can go with summer to the bar. ..

G'damn y'all look alike, and both y'll look like youre mama...

Oh yeah i'm the oldest of 5 girls, I love them all, especially the youngest, at 5 years old, shes my favorite.

29/7/05 11:54  
Anonymous studpoet said...

i can guarantee that very few people can give that much praise to any of their siblings.

i have 5 siblings two of which i claim every day of my life. 2 of which i'll claim if someone actually asks (like you did) and 1 of which i'd like to see dead or at the very least put away in jail for life. but heh thats just me.

29/7/05 12:15  
Blogger Miss Jessi said...

I am the complete opposite, Miss Summer, being the youngest of 4... The oldest is my sister Melody that I hardly ever see... The two in the middle being my brothers Kevin and Keith who bother the hell out of me but I love them anyway... and me, the spoiled brat of the pack...

Just wanna say I love all my siblings to death and woud do anything in the world for them... and never let them forget it!

29/7/05 12:36  
Blogger summer m. said...

@alii: janelle and i DO NOT look alike.

29/7/05 13:19  
Blogger mwilli said...

awww that's so sweet but alas, i am an only child hence the probable reason why i have four children.

well happy b-day j-neezy! damn to be 21 again.

29/7/05 13:27  
Blogger Alii said...

@summer- yes yall look HELLA alike...same long perfect arched eyebrows minus your mischevious smile....Trust

29/7/05 14:02  
Anonymous Anne said...

kudos to you, summer. you are the only big sister I know---including myself---who is not on some deep hating of her little sister.


29/7/05 23:40  
Blogger summer m. said...

@alii: NO WE DON'T!!!!

@anne: until recently, i honestly had no clue that so many folks despised their younger siblings. i guess i'm rather lucky. or i just don't care enough to hate.

30/7/05 09:24  
Blogger Phoenix said...

summer--don't trip, y'all do look alike.

and damn! your sister is my alter ego. i wanna be like j.

in the meantime, i got a few sibs--some related, others, not so much. most of them are cool, doin' the thug thizzle. out of my bios, i'm the only one without kids (wonder why...). it's mighty fun being aunty and then giving them back when i'm done.


30/7/05 11:41  
Blogger Jdid said...

yo your lil sis sounds like the ish. big up to janelle

31/7/05 12:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

#16 is absolutely spot on true. before janelle even said hello to me she asked me if i like destiny's child. when i said yes she said "ok then, we can be friends" and busted into the best beyonce voice since beyonce herself.


31/7/05 17:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so awesome the way you love your sister. I love my sister all the same and she gave me 3 beautiful nieces to boot. I love them all very much!! I also have a brother who is cool, laid back and occasionally I have to check his pulse to make sure the brotha is still alive. I wouldn't know what to do without them!!

Take care babe!!


31/7/05 19:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1. Ur a Fuckin Genuis!!!! i got the stupid genes.
2. ur the only one who sits and lets me practice my "performaces" in front of you!
3. you play "Guess that video" with me.
4. you rebel against our parents and i look up to that.
5. you're not afraid to diss people that others think are cool.
6. you're not ashamed of me infront of your friends.
7 you hit me on my first day home from the hospital and you didn't even lie about it, u just replied, "yeah i hit her". And when mama asked y u just said "because i dont like her"
8. you carried me in the rain on ur back all the way home in elementary school because i was afraid of worms.
9. you let me listen to Destiny's Child in the car.
10. because ur the shit and u know it!!!!

sorry i didn't have enough time to write more...but i'm not much of a blogger!!!!!

luv ya!!!


31/7/05 21:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, i know i'm late but here's why i love you both:
1) you both have way more on the ball then i did at your age (independent women, throw you hands up at me...)
2) you know who you r and you go with it
3) u r both fuckin genuis' in your own right
4) neither of you r in jail
5) you don't care what other people think
6) you loved me even tho it wasn't cool and you still do
7) you're both honest
8) even tho one of you doesn't have a job--i love ya babe, you're both really hard working
9) you tell me when it's time to throw away my clothes
10)you correct my spelling; who knew xena was spelled with an x :0
11) you accept nala as your sister
by the way, tink--#4 is nothing to be proud of :).

2/8/05 12:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, Summer yuour family dispels that whole black, dysfunctional thing. This entry was like an episode of "Oprah." Made a cynical bitch like Saf shed a fucking tear.

2/8/05 21:15  
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