Sunday, June 25, 2006

the (separate) love movement

hi. (had to get that out of the way.)

while absent from the blogosphere, i had what in one way might be described as five day (or so) affair. said tryst featured substances that--when taken-- promote insobriety. most of that is neither here nor there.

now, there are a few people in the world who have had the honor and privilege of hanging out with me during such periods, undoubtedly witnessing the effects of immoderation. at such moments, i've been known to stop being shy and discuss a theory i've very quickly concocted, and feel the need to share immediately. such spontaneous ruminations include: "were slaves ugly?" (with saf), "the gay lisp," "fictional names in 'autobiographical' work(s)," and "why prince should open up for michael jackson (and not the other way around) in your ultimate concert lineup."

this particular episode featured music from the best of lauryn hill. at some point, mystery lady begins to say something that sounds like a lightweight diss of ms. hill's second album. since i (occasionally) proscribe less than stellar remarks of my beloved ms. hill, i nipped that shit in the bud. this prompted a diatribe which inspired the theory i now call "a separate love."

the logic is very basic: there are a few things, entities, people, etc. that should be universally loved. surely you ask, "why, then, are you calling this idea 'a separate love?'" well, i suggest that we often come to appreciate certain people, places and things via others we are/have been in some sort of relationship with. i, for example, have a great appreciation for donna summer, rick james and the time (mom and pops), and the alvin ailey dance theater piece, "treading" (an ex). perhaps you never really watched basketball until you started dating a former cameron crazy, and now, though that relationship has ended, you find yourself glued to your tv for two weeks in march and you're in charge of your office march madness pool.

that said, i believe there's some shit one cannot love by proxy. thus, one must come into the relationship with "a separate love" for such entities. granted, we are often introduced to things by other people. the key is, however, you cannot (continue) to love these things because you dig/like/love/whatever another person, and want to impress him/her or just merely tolerate it. rather, such introductions should inspire the cultivation and development of "a separate love" for _____. follow?

as of now, i suggest one must have a separate love for...
  • bob marley
  • (the miseducation of) lauryn hill
  • nine simone
  • prince
  • (pre-demelanized) michael jackson
  • dave matthews' "crash"
  • puppies
  • vh1's pop-up video
  • the cosby show

this list is incomplete and shall continue...


language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger Amadeo said...

Sade has got to be on that list. She's been the third in the room for several escapades - relationship and non. However, she remains in the aftermath to comfort me or just help me be depressed.

26/6/06 15:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would add nigs to the list - meaning the collectivity of African Americans - because let's face it... If we went on merit, mutha fuckas would be SOL, yo...

27/6/06 11:21  
Anonymous funchilde said...

1. An Affair? Well done young woman! Well done!

2. Mind altering substances? Are you talking about your leftover bag of "Christmas weed?"

3. my list would include:
golden girls reruns
the music of the jazzyfatnastees

4. So glad to have you back (again).

27/6/06 17:30  

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