Monday, May 15, 2006

start a rumor monday redux: the remix...

celebration of the 2nd annual 'yo' mama''

i originally posted this the monday after mother's day 2005. i think it's still (slightly) timely/timeless. it didn't get much love last year. maybe it'll get a little more in the oh-six.

washington, d.c.: with a wide margin of victory, the congressional black caucus voted in a special session to officially mark the monday after mother's day 'yo' mama's day...'. as stated in the press release published this morning in black newspapers throughout the nation, 'yo' mama's day...' is intended to celebrate and embrace the african american tradition of snapping, also known as joning, cracking, and playing the dozens.' democrats also believe that by participating in 'yo' mama's day...', they may be able to recover some of the backbone they lost in last 2004's 'presidential election'.

tennessee congressman harold ford, jr., who announced the news, is quite happy that black congresspeople were able to stop their highly talked about in-fighting and pass an edict. 'i'm very pleased that we were able to get such a measure passed, and so quickly,' he said. 'by the way, barack obama's mama is so white, he got elected senator.'

though washington insiders thought that the white house would oppose such a declaration, it seems that 'president' bush is all for this latest official holiday. he ended his monday morning press conference with, 'condoleezza rice's mother is so ugly, i had to put her on the terrorist do not watch list.' (uh, yeah.)

no word yet as to whether or not hallmark will produce a line of cards to commemorate the day. hallmark subcompany mahogony has already come up with several card ideas. it will be part of the drinking gourd line.

original rumor: 9 may 2005

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the 'do not' watch list? even when you're not funny you're funny. in fact, you may be even funnier.

l, rrrrr

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