Wednesday, March 08, 2006

the sum and saf half: pimpin' is easy

sam jack as the nigga fred in the biopic, douglass?

the future of hollywood by sum and saf.

it takes some nigs winning an oscar to bring your favorite haterators out of hibernation. and that's cool. i mean, we got way more hate (but out of love. what else but love) to spew. but since y'all can prolly only take in doses, we'll consider our brief respite from tag team hatin' a gift to you all.

anyway, with the three 6 mafia win at this year's oscars, the (comma) yo kids figured it was time for us to prognosticate which projects we thought would get greenlighted in hollywood in the upcoming year(s). let's see...

pimp: the musical
521,600 bitches... just like the movie rent...but not really.

citizen douglass
a biopic of the 19th century abolitionist, frederick douglass. call it a 4 hour long snooze fest directed by spike lee and financially backed by oprah that confirms saf and yac. bro. number 1's suspicion that fred was the original (notorious) thug. think gangs of new york meets amistad, or maybe even roots. samuel l. jackson will be donning that wig he rocked in m. night shamalan's unbreakable. (see above pic.)

brokeback niggas
the steamy underside of the harlem renaissance. maybe even a film noir, no? langston hughes, countee cullen, richard bruce nugent? this is not a stretch, people.

nasty as they wanna be.
the true story of the relationship between mary mccleod bethune and eleanor roosevelt.

ain't i a woman? the sojourner truth story
a sort of follow-up to the highly successful, douglass. though it should prolly star angela "how'd you get your arms to look like that, tina?" bassett or alfre "miss evers' boys" woodard, oprah will play the part. you know the divine miss o swallows up anything that allows her to employ that niggafied dialect she perfected at tennessee state. maya angelou will get some screenwriting credit for this one, as she'll write the more "poetic" elements of the cinematic version of truth's famous speech. get to singing, caged bird.

she get it from her mama
a documentary on black women, the hiv, and the black community. score by juvenile.

(this entry may be edited later, as sum has no idea where the fuck saf is right now.)

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger RoRicka said...

classic! 521,600 bitches made me laugh the hardest but they're all extremely funny.

and brokeback niggas really isn't that far from the truth. countee? langston? word.

8/3/06 16:58  
Blogger nubian said...

the rent one was the funniest too. i actually started singing it...

8/3/06 18:35  
Blogger Phoenix said...

she get it from her mama is the most ignanterist ish i've ever heard in my wholeentirelife. that rent piece was funny though. i did start singing it too.

8/3/06 22:45  
Blogger summer m. said...

@nubian and roricka: sum and saf thank you.

@phoenix: i know. that was mad ign'ant (comma) yo.

11/3/06 22:53  

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