Tuesday, February 28, 2006



it is totally irresponsible of me--socially and otherwise--when i don't officially recognize the passing of one of my kindred.

rest, ms. butler.

(thanks, karsh)

oxford u.
seattle post-intelligencer

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Anonymous lanee' said...

i've heard of octavia butler before but i can't remember where.thanx for the links. it's crazy how much black art and how many black artists are so often relegated to damn near obscurity. respect for the prescence of mind that you had to post this homage.
lanee' (the visitor f.k.a. clb)

28/2/06 23:31  
Blogger Phoenix said...

blessed be.
and so it is.

i'm so grateful for the courageous folk who choose to do their work, regardless of how they think they're going to be per/received by the masses. i truly honor the ancestors who said, 'fuck it' to their internal critics and did what they felt called to do anyway. what models for the stalling uses to step into our work. i am so grateful.

bless octavia b. for being such an incredible model of audacity, will and courage.

thanks for honoring her light.



1/3/06 00:38  
Blogger Lee said...

Kindred stands in my memory as one of the most frightening novels I've read.

This hits close to home in a couple ways. First, I used to live very close to where she did (like, two miles away), and knew the area very well. Second, and more importantly, what a weird way to die. It's really unsettling to be reminded that lives can be ended in such an unpredictable way. I mean, let's face it: we're all scared of certain things, but very few of us have a phobia of hard surfaces.


1/3/06 01:16  
Blogger jb said...

i am kickin myself for never reading her work and i am tripped out that she lived in my neighborhood (lake forest park) and i am in mourning.

1/3/06 08:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I can't believe O. Butler is gone! I didn't hear anything. Shit! I never knew that there were black sci-fi authors until I read Ms.Butler's unparalleled 'Parable of the Sower'. I also loved 'kindred' and 'Parable of the Talents'. She was formerly a baptist too, I don't what religion she was when she passed. Damn, Rest in Peace Octavia Butler.

22/3/06 13:17  

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