Monday, February 20, 2006

start a rumor monday (the return)

jesus talks.

we should start calling jesus the mad rapper...because he's mad. if his last freestyle on fecundmellow was any indication, the real j-hova ain't playing. and his guns are blazing.
just weeks after kanye west posed as jesus on the rolling stone cover, jeezy clapped back with a dis record much more dy-lan than cam'ron's recent jab at jay-z. hay-suse and crew came by the fecundmellow offices this morning, and dropped off an advance copy of jeezy's protege, j-bap's new album (he was paroled earlier this month), submerge, which contains the single, "jesus talks". on it, both jeez and j-bap drop verses dissing several "emcees" in the hip hop game. jeez's verse opens the track, and he verbally assaults kanye west--his former replacement disciple-- over his own beat.

here's a transcript of the savior's verse (thanks, harold):

i don't need to recruit soldiers/
god's soldiers are my soldiers/
and i'm at war/
i'm at war with republicans...these mega churches...fuckin' mel gibson...and most of all, i'm at war with kanye west

jesus talks/
nigga fuck kangay/the devil won't even take him now
jesus talks to thee (to thee to thee to thee to thee)

this nigga kanye west is/young and reckless/
needs to see that JEEZ is more than freeze on that necklace/
fuck gangsta niggas, JEEZ is pale rider respect this/
it's tithing time and JEEZ is here to collect this/
you're gonna need more than a prayer before breakfast/
crucify your career so you can't resurrect it/
*gasping for air*
try to catch it
*gasping for air*
kinda hard
getting choked by the savior make you wanna say god/
nigga who the fuck is you rockin' a crown of thorns?/
when i'm the only muthafucka who can get ya reborn/
i leave pussy niggas like you with souls ripped and torn/
blasphemus for blasting us nigga you was warned/
recall that you and john legend are just ordinary people/
i see how y'all get lifted and you poke him with your steeple/
but fuck that, nigga, god's children created equal/
a metal jaw won't help you nigga, my shot nothin' but lethal/
i should send you straight to hell for trying to be in the bible/
when the star of the story is now your biggest rival/
most divine catechism can't guarantee your survival/
i'm king of kings alpha omega and you just false idol/
there was a line in the sand, my nigga, and you crossed it/
stop bucking up your chest, my nigga, just cross it/
i'll take that spot in between your eyes, my nigga and emboss it/
treat your salvation like john legend's ass and just toss it/
you can't save hip hop, playa use it to cop ya wealth
'cause when you dis jeez you dis ya'self, fool

in other news...

1) my birthday celebration begins tomorrow (who wants to see my prom picture?)
2) ask fecundmellow still taking questions. leave them here.
3) at least one person missed me: I LOVE HAROLD GIBSON. <-- read that shit.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Anonymous bunny said...

Aw damn that Harold Gibson dude got Summer thinking bout switching teams and shit, j/k but I'm glad he got you to come out of hiding cause I sure was feining for some fecundmellow. Welcome Back.

20/2/06 14:16  
Anonymous bunny said...

Forgot to add yes I would like to see the prom picture.

20/2/06 14:34  
Blogger nubian said...

i love your rhyming/writing

20/2/06 19:50  
Blogger Phoenix said...

i think it's jazzy and multifabulous that "jesus'" words are in red. that's the icing on the cake. (birthday or groom's if you want.)


(and thanks for the hilarity clarity of the blog link. u be funny times.)

20/2/06 20:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm... That rap is killing like 90% of what's passing as real music out here. I think you might have found your calling. FM - ghost writer extraordinaire.

20/2/06 22:28  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

This was so on target and so deft and so you.

Thanks for coming back

I truly missed you.

20/2/06 22:37  
Blogger Miss Jessi said...


I swear, I lurve you Summer..

And HELL TO THE YES I wanna see the Prom Photo... you post yours, I'll post mine...

Welcome back!

21/2/06 13:20  
Blogger RoRicka said...

the triumphant return! i missed reading your blog soooo much.

the shit-talkin' scene is not complete without your presence.

welcome back!

21/2/06 17:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still love you?

21/2/06 21:58  
Blogger Phoenix said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

22/2/06 00:08  
Blogger summer m. said...

@bunny: i ain't switching teams. harold was just mad sweet (comma) yo.

@nubian: thanx.

@phoenix: i'm just trying to confirm my one way ticket to hell.

@saf: thanx, playa. i'ma get me a rhyme book.

@harold: i didn't break this promise. thanx for the special blog entry.

@miss jessi: thanx for the love.

@roricka: 'preciate the acknowledgement.

@anonymous: i'm glad...i love you, too.

@phoenix: you be easy.

22/2/06 08:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well you're back in a big way! Good shit!

22/2/06 09:00  
Anonymous studpoet said...

Okay let me put this on here again: You're back in a big way! Good shit!

22/2/06 09:01  

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