Tuesday, January 17, 2006

(looking for that rumor? scroll down. it was actually published on time.)
maybe i need an intervention...

in the past month (yes, 30 days), six pairs of sneakers have made their way into my ever-growing collection. along with the puma rs-100's (which i call my peanut butter cups) seen above, i've also added:

the adidas y-3

my first pair of designer sneaks. i got 'em on sale, though. less than 200 bux.

the puma beisser

if the batmobile were a shoe, it'd look like this. ugliest shoe i've ever worn. beisser literally means "bites" in german. and they only made 500 of them. there are 499 left. don't let the design fool you, though. they're mad comfortable.

the puma s-bahn

s'posed to be a street shoe, hence the reflectors.

the puma go blaze

mad comfortable. one of few puma kix you could prolly exercise in. they are my alma mater's colors. or, i guess i'm letting out my inner alpha.

the puma cabana racer

i won't lie, the orange, gray, and black ones are hotter than this pair, but i like these better.


the management

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger Alii said...

They oughta lock your ass out that store.

But make yourself feel better and buy some stock in puma- you'll get the return. Shit, i should get some stock there too, make some money off your purchases

Are they even public?

17/1/06 14:15  
Blogger Hollambeeee said...

i'm jealous...

17/1/06 18:21  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

I hope the discount is mad high cuz yo behind gon be broker den den mines.

17/1/06 19:49  
Blogger deshi said...

damn homie. you only told me about the Y-3s...
you really do need help.

17/1/06 21:27  
Blogger nikki said...

everyone has a weakness. it could be worse. at least you're not addicted to crack.

18/1/06 09:05  
Blogger Phoenix said...

*amen nikki. amen.

(in other words, no comment cuz you know how i feel about them shoes right thurr...in addition, my family may be contacted (again) for further dissing of your shoe taste and collection.)

18/1/06 14:12  
Blogger Dr. S said...

Dude! You'd better slow down now, because after this shit breaks, you're going to need something to comfort yourself!

From imdb.com:
Houston and Brown To Divorce?
Superstar Whitney Houston and fallen R&B singer Bobby Brown's 14-year marriage is reportedly on the rocks, with the couple planning to divorce. The New York Daily News reports the My Prerogative singer, 36, has been telling friends and acquaintances he is divorcing Houston, 42, after an infamously tumultuous marriage. Earlier this month, the former New Edition band member was reportedly seen flirting with a group of beauties backstage at an all-star concert featuring R&B groups SWV, Guy and Blackstreet at the Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. A backstage source tells the Daily News, "While flirting with a bunch of women, they asked, 'What's up with your wife?' Bobby said, 'We ain't together no more. We're getting a divorce.'" The couple are frequently at the centre of tabloid stories about their admitted drug and alcohol battles and in December 2003, Brown was arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery against Houston in their Georgia home. The couple have one child together - daughter Bobbi Kristina, 12.

18/1/06 18:24  
Blogger nahmix said...

you need to just hand over those puma go blaze!

18/1/06 21:30  
Blogger Nick Davis said...

My favorite pair is the last pair, followed by the first pair. What this says about me, I cannot imagine. (I only have one pair of sneakers.)

@Dr. S: My favorite part of that IMDb blurb was the idea of SWV, Guy, and Blackstreet working the casino circuit. Which is actually where SWV always belonged. But truly, Foxwoods is, like, not so far from me, and had I known about this in time to go catch some "Wanna Get With U" live and in person, I probably would have tried to go.

19/1/06 00:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, you's a fly ass nigga huh? Thirty days well you da' man(comma)yo. Did I do that right?


19/1/06 02:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, that SWV, Guy, Blackstreet bill is the fucking lick. I would rock some gap overalls with one strap down to that joint, or some of those jeans with the leather patches down the thigh and a cold-shoulder blouse.

As far as the Pumas go... If there's anybody that can sympathize with a retail addiction, it's this beyotch right here. Just make sure you got the rent paid and some yogurts in the fridge, yo.

19/1/06 11:03  
Blogger Miss Jessi said...

@Saf-- you know you dead wrong for the could shoulder blouse... you just straight took me back to the Jodeci concert I went to in '95...

@Sum- I feel you on the shoes... I think we both may need an intervention... but, like Nikki said, at least it ain't crack...

22/1/06 14:11  

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