Wednesday, March 01, 2006

you wanna be startin' somethin'...

(summer m.+ fly phoenix= wha?)

the skinny

ok. so, monday i posted a rumor that included yours truly in some compromising positions with a black feminist hottie woman, er, womyn (yeah, they do exist). i asked that you determine the rumor by deciding what in the hell was going on between us. most of you--with your dirty ass minds--chose d (that we did the nasty). only my beloved harold "greatest fecundmellow intern of all time" gibson made up his own rumor. which, i might add, was way better than anything i could've come up with. that said, i'ma clear up some shit for those of you who aren't in the know, or for those of you who are in the know, but don't really know...if you can dig it. so, yo: the woman, er, womyn so willing to take glamour shots with the kid is the inimitable phoenix, or as i like to call her, the internationally-known locally celebrated l'boogie down not bronx or simile not to be confused with metaphor or church sister or just plain l (apostrophe) if the nickname is too long for you to remember and/or say; those of you on myspace may know her as the one and only (good job, anonymous).

here's the deal: phoenix and i initially met through blogging. though we live a couple thousand miles away, there were technically only a few degrees of separation between us--i'm on the blog roll of some of her friends (and fellow spelman alumae/sisters). we started talking about adding music to her blog, and eventually my blog serenade to her (the hook of the roots' "silent treatment") began an email exchange, that became phone convos (and neither of us are phone people). certain friends of phoenix and internet acquaintances of mine got wind of our blog/email/phone relationship, and, as people often do, a little bit of talking started. it seemed that some folks wanted to align the stars and create some romantic fireworks or something between us. this was further complicated by the fact that i'd been invited to atlanta for the toni cade bambara conference happening in a few weeks where phoenix--you guessed it--is facilitating a workshop.

as it went down though, the stars aligned so that phoenix came to chicago, thereby thwarting any potentially nefarious plots taking place in the city sherman burned to the ground. once we realized that our first meeting would be a one-on-one thing, and not a potential spectacle (oh, how i love hyperbole), we decided that it'd be great to use phoenix's visit as the subject of a rumor, and therefore stayed on the down low, qt, and definitely hushhush about it until after her visit.

though what happened between last thursday (feb. 23) and monday (feb. 27) will remain between the kid and the mythical bird (whatever happened, it involved edible panties menus, esthero, raw ravioli, some liquid cherries and at least one substance that causes insobriety in human beings), i will say one more thing: geeks of the world, let this be a lesson to you. if you keep grinding, working hard, learning hip hop songs, and working out your teenage angst not in therapy, but on the internet well into your twenties, you don't have to go to the prom, because eventually, the prom queen will come to you.


phoenix's 2 cents:
thanks for enthusiastically supporting our rumored possibility. it's always good to know there are people who believe in the dream of sweetness and connection. but please note that while my blog be a mighty cathartic, disclosing and informative sharing of my internal processes, i ain't gonna put that kinda juicylovemagic on the internet. know that i had a wonderful weekind in the chi with the illustrious summershine "fecundmellow" m. other than that, a grrrrl's gotta keep some kinda goodies to herself.

playa post script.: iono, y'all, but she did send me flowers this morning. i'm just sayin'... --sm.

phoenix post script, post script: what can i say? one good turn deserves another. --phoenix

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good thing i didn't get my panties all up in a bunch. i thought you were taken summer. does this mean i still have a chance?

4/3/06 02:16  
Blogger summer m. said...

@anon: i am always taking applications. in all honesty, however, i am pretty much holding out for phoenix. she's like my dream girl, er, woman, er, womyn. (gosh, i really need to work on that.)

4/3/06 11:47  
Anonymous funchilde said...

lol. too cute. glad you are back and sending you good vibes for whatever juicylovemagic is in store for ya! i was in chicago on a break from my hobo life and was would be cool to try to catch that weird/stalker-ish?

11/5/06 20:03  
Blogger summer m. said...

@funchilde: you shoulda hollered at me. next time you're around my way, lemme know.

11/5/06 20:15  
Anonymous funchilde said...

will do, will do. i actually have an interview in chi-town on may 26th but i'm not sure i should do that thang, i'm soooo not ready to quit traveling and being a hobo.

11/5/06 21:49  
Blogger summer m. said...

@funchilde: well holler at me if you come through...

11/5/06 22:14  

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