Tuesday, November 28, 2006


i get delirious whenever you're near...

so kramer loses his shit on stage last week, and i have blog fodder. there was a time when such putty would excite me, but alas i simply shake my head. i have only a few points regarding the matter. i'm not interested in attempting some cleverly woven story right now, so i'll try to keep this brief.

um...a short rehearsal of the facts:

lose all self control, baby i just can't steer...

1. kramer drops the n-bomb a gang of times (that's -er) after allegedly being heckled by a few niggas (that's -a) during a stand-up comedy routine.

2. kramer talks to seinfeld and david letterman via satellite on the late show. an out of sorts richards apologized.

3. 2 days later, somebody somewhere reported that richards made some anti-semitic remarks during a stand-up routine in april of 2006.

wheels get locked in place...

4. kramer hires howard rubenstein as his new publicist.

5. kramer calls up run jesse run and rev. al.

6. kramer is a guest on run jesse run's radio show, and again says "my bad."

stupid look on my face...

jesus h. christ. if i had one seat left at a dinner party i was throwing, i'd be more inclined to invite kramer than the other two; and that's despite the fact that i've never seen and episode of seinfeld. hell, i even liked rev. al's antics during the last democratic national convention.let me explain.

i've said it before that political correctness bothers me more than toothpaste in the bathroom sink. why do i despise the "pc"? because it allows michael richards to waste air time talking about he's not a racist; because i get to hear stupid ass, imprecise, unclear phrases like "racially insensitive." because someone can lose their shit, hire a new publicist, call up two self-appointed "leaders" of the race, and repeatedly say "my bad." (in other words, if one can make "racially insensitive" remarks, then one can perform penitence, begin a healing for said remarks by talking to the right people.) because said black dudes and others regard themselves as authorities on race, racism, and racial insensitivities. because one of these black dudes gets it wrong too many times for my liking. because if these niggas were really holding it down for "the race," and consequently scary to white people, they'da got shot a long time ago. (you know, like maybe someone would've shot them 50 times while sitting unarmed in a car.) because these niggas are invested in apologies for things said during "un-pc" moments. because i think these leaders are often worse for "the race" than those racially insensitive perpetrators. because if a big enough group of niggas told these niggas to shut the fuck up, maybe we could get somewhere.

it comes to (makin' a) pass...

because i would've rather kramer say nigger again, than to see and hear him say afro-american on youtube. because i think we should go back to negro, or maybe even colored. because sometimes i feel like me and my homies are the only real black people left on the planet. (you damn right i just said that shit.)

i just can't win the race...

because maybe, just maybe, this is the legacy of the civil rights movement.

and that's all i'm going to say about that.

perhaps i should actually write my dissertation.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Anonymous a. said...

What bothers me most is that people actually seem surprised by his comments.

28/11/06 14:52  
Blogger Lee said...

To be fair, I think the comments were surprising (they certainly were to the people in the club). But the fact that someone would think those things, not so much. Just surprising that a white comedian would lose his cool so badly that he'd actually let loose that way.

Myself, I'm just sick to the point of vomiting of the endless media banter about whether it was racism OR rage. I mean, I guess you could ask the same thing about the people who killed Emmett Till. But why would it occur to anyone to ask such a stupid question?

28/11/06 16:00  
Blogger Lee said...

Oh, and . . . the best response to this issue that I've seen:


28/11/06 18:11  
Blogger summer m. said...

@a: iono. i mean, i have this theory that people can say some super racist shit that does nothing but surprised you into speechlessness. on some, "is this dude really on stage bugging out like this?"

@lee: great points. and i kinda love paul mooney.

29/11/06 11:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did he really say "my bad"?? ohmigod!

I love it when white people show their true colors. see mr. george macaca-jewstein allen. hee hee. i do think it opens up something that could be productive. but then jesse jackson & co. steal it off and make it what the white people want to hear (as you put it so much better). but, in their defense, it's by popular demand (just white? black and white? american?) that they are the first responders on the scene, don't you think?

not to split hairs, but i think it's the legacy of slavery. i still can't let go of the civil rights movement.

and the prince! the prince! it's brilliant, sum-sum. and so are you.

l, rrrr

29/11/06 21:01  
Anonymous A Descendant of American Slaves said...

No, my brother, you are not the only real blacks left on the planet. Love the blog. Keep it up. We are in need of serious therapy for the psychological ills plaguing Blacks in america. Let Tim Wise work on my White brothers and sisters. He's doing a bang up job. Check him out sometime. The pc is just a discrete way of saying "don't speak the truth, someone may have to repent". God Bless You.

-A Descendant of American Slaves

16/1/07 18:00  
Blogger summer m. said...

@descendant: thanx, player. but next time you holler, if you holler, can you call me a sister? you know, if you're gonna employ that kind of verbiage.

the management.

16/1/07 18:08  

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