Tuesday, June 27, 2006

contemplations... ruminations during the b.e.t. awards

because, you know, i had to watch that shit.
(insobriety abounds...)
  1. wow, i love black awards shows. you get to see the black versions of commercials you see on regular television. (except for kool-aid. kool-aid has white people in their "black" commercials b/c they have us on lock. so does kfc. and mcdonald's...lightweight.)
  2. you can separate the literate niggas from the fantasias. (i know i'm not the only one who gets nervous when a nigga has to read the teleprompter during an awards show. mm hmm. you can always tell.)
  4. why does b.e.t., the naacp, etc. continually give awards to black (and multi-racial folk) who, if i may paraphrase that nigga ye, don't really care about black people (tiger woods, etc...)?
  5. where else can one display such bad grammar? oh. over on mtv.
  6. this is a great time to compile a list of "cool ass white people". hall of famers: de niro, ebert...
  7. chris brown is like a place holder for usher until he gets back from wherever he is, ain't he?
  8. if jamie foxx fucked chris brown, they'd have b2usher.
  9. "the rhythm nation moment" marked janet jackson's music video golden age.
  10. i like how mary j. blige got/stays famous.
  11. kelly rowland HATES beyonce. oh, yes. she hates her in ways we can't even imagine. yeah... she'd take mrs. jay-z out if she could.
  12. (the aftermath of) hurricane katrina is yet another catastrophe in a loooong line of fucked up shit that the u.s. has done to black people. (and why we'll always fuck with gospel.)
  13. i hate it when whitney houston is in rehab. (that's the only way nippy wouldn't be at the bet awards, right?)
  14. how in the hell does this nigga ne-yo perform after they honor harry belafonte?
  16. mary j. blige is white people's most beloved hood chick.
  17. beyonce is our generation's greatest performer. (as much as i'd like to, i don't really hate that i had to say that.)
  18. there's no 18. i just prefer even numbers.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger nubian said...

about number 17, i hated that you had to say it

28/6/06 00:04  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

is 17 really true? Oh my your generation is...you got me...speechless.

28/6/06 09:51  
Blogger Miss Jessi said...

about #7- I thought the same thing...

about #17-- yeah, it's true.. but I hate you had to say it too

28/6/06 09:57  
Anonymous a. said...

You know I was hoping I had more to say about these awards, but I had nothing.

28/6/06 14:30  
Blogger jb said...

With regard to #17, I must quote the object of 13: "Show me the recepts!" I'm sorry scratch that what I meant to say is: "Crack is Wack."

You ever seen Leela James perform? And she hold it down without the new millennium Joe Jackson, the thick backup dancer smashing Matthew Knowles aka Kelly Rowland's father threatening to disinherit her for an adolescent swim break from the sweltering heat of Houston "sweat your hair out" Texas. (VH1 Driven)

I am tempted to delete you from my myspace friends (I know. Big whoop. I am sure some aspiring Conneticut based producer-or lonely lesbian-is spamming for my spot as we speak) for bowing down at the alter of Beyonce.

28/6/06 15:47  
Blogger summer m. said...

@kortney: i call 'em like i see 'em.

@miss jessi: i've given up.

@harold: sad, but true.

@a: it was a waste of a few hours. even with the agrestic.

@jb: oh my. though i did suggest that b's the greatest entertainer of our generation, i am not and will not ever bow down at her alter. she's hardly the most talented. might be the dumbest. absolutely not the best singer. she was just bred to do that shit. which is why the only thing she can be semi-articulate about is her love for popeye's chicken.

besides, "greatest" doesn't mean the best. in fact, the first 11 definitions of the term great don't even hint at "super good." the 13th and 14th definitions do suggest the idea of "first rate," but both uses are informal.

all of that to say, my usage of the term "great" in its superlative form was not--in this particular case-- at all colloquial.

i hope i've saved my ass from myspace deletion.

28/6/06 16:06  
Blogger Miss Jessi said...

You know, I got a #18 for you: Even though T.I is so damn little, doesn't his cocky bravado just make him oh so sexy? Maybe it's just me....

28/6/06 17:59  
Blogger jb said...

i hear you. you are safe. oh and i mean altar not alter. too much spivak

28/6/06 19:20  

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