Tuesday, October 04, 2005

i used to work at footlocker, they fired me and fronted, or...

the puma cabana racer "sum 69s"

okokok. first off, i wanna give a shout out to my homegyrl, deshi for providing a wonderful, albeit not so sober second opinion regarding color and material selection. second, i gotta give propers where propers are due. if you haven't noticed...big.blk.saf. has a knack for coining terms and giving folks nicknames. and, anybody who knows me long enough doesn't really call me summer. generally folks call me sum, sum-sum, whatever, and it's cool. (just don't call me collect.) saf took my name and remixed it. first it was sum 41 (yeah, like the rock band), but she flipped it to sum 69...the name has nothing to do with me; it's just saf's dirty mind. but yeah, that's how the kix got made and named.

anyway...here are the one and only sum 69s (because i know how badly you wanna see them):

the colors are navy blue, baby blue, orange, and silver...

thank you for supporting my self-centeredness and materialism.

that is all.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger Phoenix said...

very juicy! i like...(can i get a free pair? i'll be a cute spokesmodel and homiehookups are always the truth...)

4/10/05 14:34  
Blogger Jdid said...

can we get a closer close up i cant see the orange

4/10/05 14:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing I love better than a shout out! Holla!

4/10/05 16:02  
Blogger solitaire said...

Thanks for letting me know they ship to Can-a-dar. Yay!

4/10/05 17:31  
Blogger summer m. said...

@phoenix: i imagine that could be arranged. only for you, though.

@jdid: yeah, i was a bit disappointed w/ how the pix came out. i'd say a close-up would help, but that flash was mad bright. if i'm stomping in canda anytime soon, i'll be sure to show them off to you.

@saf: i got you, dog!!!!

@solitaire: no prob.

4/10/05 17:55  
Blogger Dr. S said...

your shoes are badass.

4/10/05 18:09  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

so this where all the intern stipend funding went. nice shoes, and with all those colors, you are truly becoming the voice of the gay.

4/10/05 22:20  
Blogger mwilli said...

very cute shoes, but damn what size are dem boats?

6/10/05 06:56  
Blogger nahmix said...

need to see them close up! you happy with the final product?

6/10/05 08:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those are quite nice.


6/10/05 09:30  
Blogger deshi said...

man, those pics don't do it justice. the baby blue looks gray, the silver stripe looks reddish and the orange looks yellow! totally not how it looks in real life, yo.
you need some sunlight or something for that pic... and probably take it off the red box cuz it's reflecting against the silver puma stripe, no?
and thanks for the shout. i had fun helping! ;)

8/10/05 10:31  

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