Friday, October 28, 2005

this weekend's essay: road trip

this weekend, saf and i are heading to c-town. nothing major. she just needs to get an emissions test or something, and i'm coming along to make sure her black ass doesn't fall asleep at the wheel. (is it me, or does anyone with parents who put them in the car as babies to help them sleep have major issues staying awake while driving or riding in an automobile?)

so i was just wondering...if you were gonna take a road trip:
  • who you wit' (pick anyone)?
  • why did you choose him/her/them to roll with you?
  • where y'all goin'?
  • whatcha drivin'?
  • what's in the cd changer?
  • __fill in the blank__
as for me? well...
  • who you wit' (pick anyone)? rrrrachel
  • why did you choose him/her/them to roll with you? we need to bury a body. i need new teef teeth, and rrrrachel wants a graphaphone phonograph.
  • where y'all goin'? jefferson, yoknapatawpha county, mississippi
  • whatcha drivin'? a pimped out buggie, nigga.
  • what's in the cd changer? i don't think the buggie has a cd player, but just in case it did: prolly some erykah, lucinda williams, carole king, otis redding, and cody chesnutt b/c the nigga got so much heart.
  • __my mother is a fish.__**
i'ma try to blog better next week.

have a good one.

**ps: any (anonymous) commenters/admirers who dig and/or understand the references in my answers to the road trip questions w/o googling it will receive a free roundtrip plane ticket to chicago, along with a weekend stay at le hotel summer m. b/c, you know, i'd officially be in love with you. simple as that.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger Phoenix said...

Faulkner's As I Lay Dying.

Okay, fine. Yes. I cheated (a little bit). But I want a free trip somewhere and it would be great if it was to Chi-town for a stay at L'Hotel Summer.

And anyway, if you ask me, it still counts because I only kinda cheated. And I the dig the references anyway. So there ya have it, where be my ticket?

(i'm smiling full now. thanks.)

27/10/05 18:21  
Blogger Nick Davis said...

Dang. Always second to the party. But that's one of my favorite books. Especially when Cash starts making numbered lists of his plans, and when Addie talks about going down to the river after wiping the last snotty nose of the last pesky schoolchild and hating all of them.

27/10/05 22:20  
Blogger summer m. said...

@phoenix: how do you kinda cheat? if you were someone else, i wouldn't let it slide. but since you're you, lemme know when you wanna claim your prize.

i guess i'm kinda in (internet) love with you now.

@nick: i'm still glad you came to the party. you know i heart you dearly. lemme know what's up with n'western, homie!!

28/10/05 01:09  
Blogger Phoenix said...

*i only kinda cheated because i knew it had to be faulkner. the rest is a sweet little secret that i'm not permitted to share. my confession would require the loss of a vital organ and we don't want that now do we?*

*thanks for the special sliding privileges. i will inform you of my cash-in date as soon as it is availible*

28/10/05 01:36  
Blogger Jdid said...

ok i've been on a few road trips so let me say i think i'd go with my wife, why? cause we've done the road trip thing before and its alot of fun, we're going to drive to the east coast of canada, and we're driving whatever rental we can afford but not a ford focus those things are way too lighweight. the cd changr is just a mix of whatever i happen to be rolling with, reggae, soca and some old schol hip hop.

29/10/05 07:24  
Blogger summer m. said...

@phoenix: i wanna know the sweet little secret. i promise not to tell. just whisper it to me. and, uh, how would you lose a vital organ by sharing?

@jdid: that's really sweet. i dunno many folks who would take a road trip with their sig. other.

29/10/05 10:22  
Blogger rrrrrrrachel said...

you know i'm touched. god, i'd almost forgotten how nasty that story is. addie is THE SHIT, as they say. i love it when she talks about how much she hates those little kids. and cody chesnutt does have so much heart. and so much man purse.

29/10/05 13:48  
Blogger rrrrrrrachel said...

oh, and since i knew it, but i'm already here, can i get a free roundtrip ticket *out* of chicago?

29/10/05 13:49  
Blogger mwilli said...

-of course the hubby cuz he is my best friend.

-because he likes to talk and it makes the time go by faster, plus he drives pretty fast.


-definitely a car big enough to fit the hubby (he's 6 '3'/me-5 '2'). last road trip was a lincoln town car.

-since he's drivin, prolly brian mcnugget, omarion, t.i. or ti, charlie (last name) wilson, and jodeci's greatest hits.

-i am not creative enough to fill in the blank.

29/10/05 23:20  
Blogger summer m. said...

@rrrrachel: sure you can get a round-trip ticket out of chicago. just make sure that southwest flies to wherever you wanna go. it's the official airline of black people, and this here blog.

29/10/05 23:52  
Blogger chase said...

trip w/ my bf....we talk so much we turn the radio off..(about 10 12 hr road trips in 4 years).....but if it was playing, we'd rock some Chico, Me'shell, some blues, some Biggie....Old school Prince and MJ...and I need to take him to the grand canyon, been his wish since he was a wee tot, lol

31/10/05 01:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

birmingham here i come!


31/10/05 13:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shout out to Summer for keeping a beyotch alive and thoroughly entertained on the way to and from C-Town. I'd road trip again with your crazy ass anytime.

1/11/05 15:09  

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