Wednesday, October 12, 2005

snippets of a random conversation take 4

me: ...common. he's my all-time favorite emcee.

anonymous: common?

me: yeah, common. you heard his music?

anon: not really...but i like his aids commercials, though.

me: *dead...cracks the fuck up.*

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger jb said...


On the subject of them dumb ass spots: "Knowing is beautiful." Really? Knowing you fin' to die slowly a scab-covered, emaciated, opera-loving healthcare-less, ex-attorney with no one to comfort you but Antonio Banderas (admittedly a hottie for the 45+ set)? Sorry I just saw Philadephia for the millionth time.

But seriously unless you're Magic knowing is not beautiful. I imagine it's hard and tragic but something folks are gonning have to deal with. It's like vigorous exercise or raw kale or 'fessing up when you lied or admitting you wrong but much more. Much much more.

14/10/05 10:30  
Blogger summer m. said...

@jalylah: hell to the yes. i'm not saying you need to go back to the 80s way of talking about the hiv, but i don't think making that shit sexy is the answer either.

and i'm of the group of people (or maybe i'm an army of one) who firmly believes that magic johnson is the worst thing that coulda happened to black people regarding this aids shit. and i don't think that's an accident. yeah, i said it. i smell a my mama would say.

14/10/05 10:36  
Blogger chase said...

i thought the point he was trying to make was not knowing you HAD hiv, per say, but just knowing what your status was....and personally, I think if thinking common is sexy makes you get tested, kudos for common.

case in point - they did a blood drive that included all the high schools in the town next to us, and over 10 girls were found to br hiv positive. the whole community was shocked, including the girls (supposedly) many more people would have been infected if these girls hadnt been tested.

15/10/05 01:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


17/10/05 19:11  

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