Thursday, October 06, 2005

this weekend's essay: shit that bothers you (that prolly shouldn't, but does anyway) take ii, or, reader appreciation day.

last week, i got an email from my oldest friend, shon. we go way back. like back to when i had a relaxer and a boyfriend. she started reading my blog last month maybe, and asked,

On your website, do you ever have days where you allow people to gripe on
misc. topics? I mean I got some shit that I need to get off of my chest...
this entry is for shon and the rest of y'all. understanding that you all--for whatever reason--listen to me bitchbitchbitch all the time, i wanna give ya the opportunity to vent your frustrations again. y'all really took advantage of the comments section the last time, i assume you'll do the same for this one.

i was able to come up with a few more of my own:
  • people who don't turn off their turn signals.i've no idea why, but this bothers me more than rush hour traffic on the kennedy. i swear to you, last saturday, a woman in one of those space ship minivans (illinois license plate number: 350 XXXX) kept her turn signal on for more than 12 chicago blocks (which, i believe, is about 1.5 miles). it was prolly on longer, but eventually i turned left; she just kept faking me out like she was going to.
  • profit driven aid.i listen to the radio a lot, and sometimes when i channel surf, i hear this commercial about some buick dealership in the suburbs. basically, the owner is offering a percentage of her profits from every new 2006 ride she sells between now and the end of the month or something to hurricane katrina victims. now, this isn't new. but the reason this particular commercial bothers me is because after she explains the deal, she goes on to say how she knows that it's most important that we give, but if you're in the market for a car blahblahblah. look, man, i know we live in a capitalist (racist, sexist, ___ist, ___ist) society, but why must helping people always be profit driven (why do these business owners front like they're still not trying to make a dollar)? why does it seem that i have to buy something to give something?
  • indirectness. i don't have time to read between the lines, nigga. that's my day job. just say, "(i wanna) fuck you, summer," so i can move on. and if i just assume some shit, and get it wrong, don't say shit to me. i'm not in the bidness of reading minds.
  • songs about mamas. i'm going to hell for this, i know. now don't get me wrong, i have the same unhealthy love for my mama as the next black kid, but songs about mamas are inherently corny. yeah, i said it.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger Harold Gibson said...

racist heifers that try to act like you don't know that they are pretending like they don't that they are racist. These lowlife pond scum losers get on my last "I-ain't-totally-saved-yet" nerve. Why cause they say stupid manure and try to clean it up but only when you call their baboon behinds on it.

The Parkers. Of course I never saw an episode of this program when it was being broadcast on whatever network it came on, but now it comes on too many times during the day. This drivel is NOT funny. It's just sad. I want to know how they got away this garbage. Countess Vaughn you blue eyed fool and Monique you big belly no ass weave wearing clown I have just one question for you Why? Okay for the Cheddar.

Tavis Smiley damn it Sum you need a project on this mouthpiece. Exactly why are we listening to him? What has he done other than talk a lot? Who is he and where did he come from?

Blogger this damn thing has reduced my productivity immensely because I spend a lot of time ranting about everything and nothing simultaneously.

I 'm first, I'm done and I feel better. oh hell to the naw why did I get isAshleySmithamethhead as my word verification.

6/10/05 22:50  
Blogger Vcat said...

I'm bothered by people who forward every stupid joke, chain letter, "uplifting" story that they receive--but won't respond to personal email that is sent to them. Of course, they CC everyone they know and suddenly my inbox is full of crap from people I don't know.

Also, can't stand it when people who you haven't heard from in a while get pissed at you for not calling them. I point out that they haven't been burning up my phone line either--and there is a sudden topic change.

Bah, maybe I just have communication issues.

7/10/05 10:57  
Blogger RoRicka said...

oooh vcat i can't stand when people pull that wahwah you don't call me crap either.

-speaking of phones, i really can't stand people who blow up my cell with text messages that are as long as war and peace but won't say more than two words to me when i call them.

-people who only ask how i'm doing as a segue into me asking them how they're doing so they can go off for an hour about their drama but turn a deaf ear if i want to say anything more than 'oh, that's too bad. your life's so hard. blahblahblah.'

-tyra banks. go away, tyra.

7/10/05 16:04  
Blogger Phoenix said...

-passive-agressive communication.

-"liberal" white folks who think they get "it" around race and such, but are really just making matters worse.

-r. kelly

-tyra's new show (that's a secret. i be tryin' to support a sista)

-"girlfriends" although i feel like i'm looking a gift horse in the mouth since i watch it just cuz i'm glad to see black folk on tv.

-the fact that the aftermath of katrina is seen as old news.

-the host of mtv's "the reality show"

-mtv's "the reality show"

7/10/05 22:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why you gotta hate on the minivans?lol

8/10/05 19:21  
Blogger Lee said...

At first I thought, after reading this: "Hey! Lots of things piss me off, this will be a great chance to vent." But I'm so generally stressed out about everything right now that I can't think of any particular thing to add.

Oh, right: my neighbor across the courtyard who keeps his/her tv at a ridiculous volume all the time. It's not loud in the same way as a loud party or a domestic fight, but it's on all the time. Drives me crazy. I mean, neighbors who are loud once in a while, or even every other weekend--that doesn't really bug me. But this is much worse.

There are some other things too.

8/10/05 20:42  
Blogger mwilli said...

-the fact that my kids open and close the refrigerator/freezer at least 20 times after they get home from school.

-the fact that my kids are hungry and thirsty every 5 minutes.

-my next door neighbors barking dog(at night/early morning)

-now that i am in texas, the fact that when we go out to eat or to a department store, people ask or asssume that we are new orleans evacuees.

-no offense to people who are slaves of nicotine, but people who smell like walking cigarettes.

-time differences and time changes.

-budgeting money

-tyra banks show (don't we get enough on America's-Next-Top-Model?)

-sense of direction - i have none. i could get lost going to a store 5 minutes away.

-natural disasters

9/10/05 11:41  
Blogger Amadeo said...

-songs about bad men...I know, I know a lot of guys suck, some of them are my friends I don't wanna hear that shit no more.

-people who argue about the sex of GOD...if you are proven right will anything change?

-People who ask to use my pen...I work in an office and I'm protective...besides I know I steal supplies so I don't trust you.

-Dumb ass drivers...move the hell out the way and let me show you how it's done.

12/10/05 15:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How fucking inarticulate I sound to myself every time I open my mouth.

My love handles.

My low checkbook balance.

My paltry wardrobe.

My fucking stupid self-loathing.

13/10/05 18:09  

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