Tuesday, December 13, 2005

snippets of a random conversation

take 12

via email
nahmix: you'd look cooler as a dj than i would!

summer m.: we could be a duo. dj ... and dj ...nahmix.

nahmix: y da fuck u get a cool ass name and I get stuck with the wack shit?

summer m.: then come up with something. i've been wanting to be dj [i'm not telling you my dj name, silly] for a minute. we can buy used turntables and teach ourselves. i'm all about being self-taught--like a slave learning how to read and shit.

it's only tuesday, but i'm pretty sure that's gonna be the ignorantest shit i say all week. yeah, even ignoranter than pretending it's ok to type "words" like "ignoranter" and "ignorantest."

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger jb said...

I used to rock international students of privilege at my Hong Kong boarding school and then when I moved to NYC and took the most amazing DJ class (Luvbug Starski and Grandmaster Caz were guest instructors). I never settled on a name though. I couldn't think of any and all the suggestions I got were wack. My boy said I should just go by my given but I wanted something sexier but now that I think about it I should do a Pharrell or a Kanye and be so successful I make my given name sexy but I'm lacking the necessary hubris and discipline at the moment. Anyway, there's nothing like it, but it's mad expensive (and space consuming if you're a dusty vinyl collector and not one of these wack mp3j's) so I had to take a break.

13/12/05 11:09  
Blogger Phoenix said...

since i'm only the second comment on this snipit, i don't feel so bad anymore.

15/12/05 14:21  

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