Monday, December 05, 2005

the start a rumor faq.

got questions? i got answers.

why'd you start writing rumors?
b/c i didn't think i had anything interesting to blog about. thus, i just started making up stuff. this blog was initially started for me to establish/maintain my voice via the practice of writing--though the writing that appears on this blog is often bad. i've told several folks this: i only thought my mom and maybe my sis would read my isht. interestingly, they rarely check it out, and i don't know most of the people who read. but that's a big digression. basically, i needed some topics to write about. and since i didn't find the "true" subjects sufficient, i just made up my own.

where can i find your rumors?
mostly on mondays. but i've compiled a list of them here. (or scroll down.)

do you think your rumors are funny?
absolutely not. i think they're ridiculous, but only b/c i'm ridiculous.

do people ever believe your rumors?
yes. i've even received emails from people seeking to corroborate my stories. (one on chappelle, i think.) though i sometimes wonder how far i could go by being dishonest, i tell them i made it up.

what are you fave rumors?
see above answer. but if i had to choose maybe the bush one on mlk day, and pork chop sammich.

what are your most popular rumors?
i've no idea. maybe the one about me losing the black weblog awards. that said, i imagine more people read the rumor than comment. so i don't know how to quantify one entry's popularity over the another.

how'd your rumors get so popular?
beats the hell outta me. frankly, i don't think they're that popular. (i live in a bubble.) i think alii has a lot to do with the growth of fecundmellow. i've also been fortunate enough to get shout outs on sites like blackgayblogger, crunktastical, negrophile, and sexandthe2nd city. oh, and my folks in canada like solitaire and jdiddy.

i spit out my coffee while reading your rumor, will you buy me a replacement cup?
hell no. the hell you think this is? but if you're ever in the city of wind, i might meet you for coffee. and you can buy me a cup. but i don't drink the java. i prefer my caffeine in the form of iced chai.

how do you come up with these rumors?
oh, all kinds of ways. reading my yahoo! startup page. talking to saf, nahmix, rrrr. in the car. but often while in the shower. i have my best thoughts in the shower.

are your rumors based on some sort of truth?

you should write a book.
riiiiight. nobody would read that shit. except, maybe my mama. but only if she got a free copy.

thanx for asking.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger jb said...

um i expect orginal material when I come to your blog not faq's.


ps-um and the book idea's good an all but niggas don't read. you need to be on vh1's best week ever or pitch a similar version to BET (include Leon in the line-up it should fly which reminds me i think leon BET prominence is because he is bob johnsons butt boy)

5/12/05 13:24  
Blogger Phoenix said...

ooooooh...j! "buttboy"? it ain't right. it just ain't right.

5/12/05 13:45  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

Summer, I caught up with your girl and undercover "idol" and my best friend in the www Star Jones. After she dished dirt on everybody from the View she got orgasmic when the subject came to you. Let me tell you home skillet was so excited last week when she hear-ed that you was shuttin down the sarm. "Finally that seasonal huzzy will stop scandalizing my good name and Al's straight reputation."
Imagine her surprise when she found out that you were only retiring sarm and not the Star Jones Project.

She muttered damn n-word bitch and slinked on back to stardum.

5/12/05 22:35  
Blogger summer m. said...

@jb: my bad playa. new rumor monday. i promise.

@harold: star better quit trippin'. i will yank a wig.

5/12/05 22:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd actually buy the book. But you'd have to autograph that shit so when I sold it on E-Bay, I could get a good price for it.

6/12/05 12:17  
Blogger Alii said...

girl please- them your own readers. I aint got nuthin to do wit 'em.

But thanks

6/12/05 16:42  
Blogger Jdid said...

my favorite rumor was an early one about kanye and the one about cos and kells teams up

keep up the good work

6/12/05 21:55  
Blogger Jdid said...

porn on your phone, interesting! and congrats on the hip hop presentation.

no comment on the mascot fetish lol

6/12/05 22:05  

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