Tuesday, May 03, 2005

fecundmellow presents: super stalker songs
guess who's bizack? it's me, nigga. let's see if all of my alleged readers are still around...

while in new york (shout out to traci b. for her hospitality), the chix had a brief and friendly debate about whether or not rastaman's 'waiting in vain' (toss up between this and natural mystic as my fave marley songs) was a stalker song. if you can sing a little bit, you can really get away with some stuff. hell, johnnie cash killed a helluva lotta people on wax; it seems that if any of the songs i've deemed stalker-ish were true, somebody could get a restraining order. it got me to thinking: what are some of the best stalker songs of all time?
  • waiting in vain/bob marley and the wailers/exodus: have you ever empathized with a stalker? if not, this song will make you. bob croons his ass off on this one, expressing the pain of unrequited love. like i said/it's been three years since i'm knocking on your door/and i still can knock some more/oooh girl/oooh girl/is it feasible? (i wanna know now)/for i to knock some more... great jah! has it ever hurt so good? (by the way, this song appears on THE GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME!)

  • every breath you take/the police/synchronicity: if it wasn't for 'waiting in vain' this would be the greatest stalker song ever. i've heard people play this song at their wedding. i don't get that. then again, people are really stupid. anyway, sting is a scary mofo on this joint. i hear he wrote it after his divorce, which leads me to believe that divorcing sting coulda been the least of ex-wifey's problems. it takes a lot to leave a dude that would sing, every breath you take/every move you make/every bond you break/every step you take/i'll be watching you... now that i think about it, there are several police songs that could make this list. sting musta been going through some thangs.

  • outside your door/meshell n'degeocello/plantation lullabies: though i often think meshell loves the sound of her voice more than her lezzy groupies do, this is another quite lovely song by the bassist. it's good enough to make you forget this bitch is stalking somebody on wax, here i am waiting/just waiting/anticipating a chance to run into you/i sit here for hours/one day i even sat through a rain shower... wow. just reading the lyrics makes me think this shit could be a really bad spoken word piece. then again, i have been known to hate on meshell for her questionable lyrical prowess, so we'll just chalk that comment up under hateration. if you listen to the track, though, you'll notice that the song sounds quite similar to another love song you're prolly more familiar with. brian mcknight swears he didn't swipe that shit, but the evidence is all there.

  • until you come back to me/stevie wonder/aretha franklin/anthology/the best of aretha franklin: oh yes, even wonder-boy and the queen of soul had a moment of insanity. stevie wonder wrote this joint, but his version didn't appear on wax until after franklin's '67 version. it's light-hearted enough, for a stalker song. doesn't put you in that melancholy mood most stalker joints put you in, although your phone you ignore/somehow i must explain/i'll have to rap on your door/tap on your window pane/i'm gonna camp by your steps/until i get through to you/'til you come back to me, that's what i'm gonna do... how cute.

  • your house/alanis morrisette/you learn: i went to your house/walked up the stairs/i opened your door without ringing the bell/i walked down the hall/into your room/where i could smell you/and i shouldn't be here/without permission/i shouldn't be here... what the fuck did dave coulier do to you, alanis?

  • come to my window/melissa etheridge/yes i am: melissa etheridge is another who could have a few songs on this list. this video was way, too. 'member the white chick in the room pacing and all that shit? yeah, that video. i would dial the numbers just to listen to your breath/i would stand inside my hell and hold the hand of death/you don't know how far i'd go to ease this precious ache/you don't know how much i'd give or how much i can take/just to reach you... how lovely. how crazy.

  • passing me by/the pharcyde/bizarre ride ii the pharcyde: i don't know what my problem is. a few of the songs on this list are my favorite songs by a particular artist. this is no exception. 'passing me by' is my most favorite hip hop song of all time. i can listen to it all day everyday and be just as excited to hear it. for the most part, this isn't really a stalker song--until you get to the last verse. now there she goes again/ the dopest ethiopian/and now the world around me gets to movin' in slow motion when-/ever she happens to walk by/why does the apple of my eye/overlook and disregard my feelings no matter how much i try/wait, no, i did not really pursue my little princess with persistance/and i was so low-key that she was unaware of my existence
    from a distance i desired, secretly admired her...(btw, i am still mourning the theft of my pharcyde collection...if i find you, i'ma kick your ass, you thief.)
lame post, i know. but gimme a minute to get my swagger back.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger gbe said...

Welcome back.
I had nothing to read while you were gone, so I just kept reading my own blog over and over, hoping against hope...well...I don't exactly know why I kept reading it over and over. Insanity?
Anyway...welcome back.

3/5/05 21:58  
Blogger Nick Davis said...

I saw a production of Othello once where Desdemona was just doing her thing in the middle of the stage before Act I technically started, and Othello was singing "Every Breath You Take" to her from the edge of the stage, while the rest of the cast was in shadow just whispering the words "Watching you, watching you..."

There've gotta be more of these stalker songs, but my head went back to "He Doesn't Even Know I'm Alive" from Control: "I got his number, I call him up, just to see if he is home/ But when he answers, I always hang up/ Ooh, that boy scares me so..."

I know that sounds like a sitcome punchline, but it worked. It was creepy.

3/5/05 23:03  
Blogger Nick Davis said...

How'd I fuck up that Comment so bad? Obviously, the last part is supposed to go with Othello. And "sitcom" doesn't have an "e."

I really only had one martini...

3/5/05 23:04  
Blogger summer m. said...

oh there are plenty more stalker songs, i just named a few. off the top of my head, 'you belong to me' by carly simon; 'possession' by sarah maclachlan (sp?); 'watching you' by melissa etheridge...

4/5/05 09:03  
Blogger Jdid said...

ok i might disagree with you on Exodus a tad bit just cause for no particular reason i'm more partial to the stuff on Uprising but passing me by is probably if not my all time favorite hip hop song definetly right up there in my top 5, i can quote that song pretty much verbatim and all i have to hear is the first two chords and i'm going off. that fat lip verse is the bomb!

4/5/05 14:27  
Blogger summer m. said...

@jdid: rastaman vibration
(highlights include title track, rat race, who the cap fit) is prolly my fave marley joint, and uprising is great with forever loving jah, redemption song, etc. but check the exodus tracklisting:

-natural mystic
-so much things to say
-the heathen
-waiting in vain
-turn your lights down low
-three little birds
-1 love/people get ready

i really feel that the track listing and the placement of the tracks make it a damn near perfect album. starting an album with natural mystic? it gets no better than that. that shit creeps up on you, haunting, and so fucking hypnotic. *there's a natural mystic blowing through the air. if you listen carefully now you will hear...* good lawd!

but to each her/his own.

4/5/05 14:41  
Blogger deshi said...

ok, you need to stop hatin' on meshell...
i'm gonna need you to write a post on how wonderful she is or else i'm withholding your ticket!

4/5/05 19:45  
Blogger solitaire said...

whoa guy... so now you're the stalking kind?
Good to see that you have Bob on the list. You always making fun of MY music choices had me questioning YOURS.

4/5/05 20:30  
Blogger Jdid said...

ok i'm going to bust out the exodus for the ride to work and let you know if it changes my mind.

5/5/05 05:35  
Blogger nahmix said...

outside my door is my favorite meshell song, it is a bit stalkerish. and you know how I feel about my aretha.

5/5/05 09:25  
Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

Those are great stalker songs, i commend you on such a great list.

5/5/05 10:24  
Blogger btrfly_locs said...

Don't you know that when stalker tendencies are put to music that is the true expression of love!!! LOL

I'm going to have to agree with deshi on hating on meshell. Not. Allowed. Period.

Pharcyde takes me back to like, high school...Damn, I'm old.

5/5/05 11:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still don't know if I agree with "Waiting In Vain" as a stalker song. But that might just mean that I have some lightweight tendencies of my own, that I'm mistaking persistence for something a little bit more malignant.

6/5/05 12:24  

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