Thursday, June 02, 2005

book tag!

virginia hamilton (1936-2002), my first favorite author

i just got tagged by the inimitable bernard bradshaw of sex and the 2nd city. since i was so honored to be tagged on his blog (and i don't mean that in my usual sarcastic, assholish way), i'm postponing the "guys i'd lose 'the gay' for" entry until next week. so now...let's play book tag.

  1. total number of books you own: not enough. i mean, i pass for a grad student, but my library (though organized alphabetically) needs a lotta work.
  2. the last book i bought: the portable sixties reader, i believe. for the orals list, of course.
  3. last book i read: pauline hopkins' wack-ass of one blood for the umpteenth time. the shit makes me crazy.
  4. current book reading: i should prolly be reading one of those books on the sidebar, but i'm not. so we'll just go with gayl jones' corregidora.
  5. fiction or non-fiction: i'm a literary skolar in training, homie. fiction, of course.
  6. first book read: man, iono. prolly green eggs and ham or i can read with my eyes shut. dr. seuss was my nigga.
  7. largest impact: the house of dies drear. i read this in 5th grade, and i remember being so pleasantly surprised we were reading something about black people, that i read the first 7 chapters during silent reading. we read dies along with the hobbit and the phantom tollbooth in class that year. hey, publik skool wasn't so bad. anyway, i just love virginia hamilton. i was very sad when i learned she'd died. she was my first favorite author.
  8. favorite scholarly book: hmmm...whatever do you mean by scholarly? i do fuck with jimmy baldwin's essays, and years ago i was intrigued by marcuse's one-dimensional man. but wayne booth's the rhetoric of fiction, et. al. make me happy b/c they are so clear.
  9. most read book: prolly their eyes...
  10. sexiest book: i often read books with incest in them, and that ain't really all that sexy--unless you're a chester. but, um, i'll go with sula because e'rybody knows in the unrated version, sula and nel got down. then again, the ending of gayl jones' eva's man is kinda sexy (in a fucked up sorta way). i'll quote: "'tell me when it feels sweet, eva. tell me when it feels sweet, honey.' i leaned back, squeezing her face between my legs, and told her, 'now.'" i wouldn't really call it a sexy book, though.
  11. biggest disappointments: i've yet to get through toni morrison's love, so that's definitely up there. also, though it wasn't that bad (i actually really liked it), danzy senna's symptomatic kinda couldn't fuck with caucasia. flannery o'connor's novels aren't as great as her short stories. a few of the stories in z.z. packer's drinking coffee elsewhere were a bit disappointing. yet i tend to find something i love in each book i read. except, of course, faulkner.
  12. five books that mean something to me: the house of dies drear, definitely. the fall of freddie the leaf by leo buscaglia. sister outsider by audre lorde. the autobiography of malcolm x as told to alex haley. their eyes were watching god by zora neale hurston.
  13. book tag (you're it): i tag nahmix, saf, deshi, nick, and mwilli.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger btrfly_locs said...

Good to see this book me-me answered by a literary skolar in training. Even better to know that I am not the only who has struggled to get through Love...for the last two years.

2/6/05 15:34  
Blogger Nick Davis said...

So psyched to be tagged! When I get back from vacation, I'll respond to this pronto...

I had to start Love three times. The trick was figuring out that the first chapter and all that stuff about "police-heads" wasn't s'posed to fit with what followed. I'm not saying it gets terrific, ever, but it does pick up.

3/6/05 00:36  
Blogger mwilli said...

Oh summer you silly thing, you assume I know how to read... and it's not really me writing this now, it's my 7 year old daughter. She reads your blog to me before I go to bed as like you know a bedtime story, but seriously I'll have to marinate on this for a second.

3/6/05 01:42  
Blogger Jdid said...

what can I say, aside from their eyes and autobiography of malcolm x I've probably read none of this other stuff. Tried to read a toni morrison book awhile back Tar Baby I believe and just got bored.

3/6/05 09:28  
Blogger summer m. said...

@milli: oh my. does your daughter read all my cuss/curse words, too?

3/6/05 10:29  
Blogger mwilli said...

okay, i've finished marinatin on this y no summer la hija cosa es un chiste.

total number of books: a very sorry ass amount.

last book i bought: you: the owner's manual-an insider's guide to the body that will make you healthier and younger

last book i read: what makes a man-a book edited by rebecca walker with 22 different writers

current book reading: he's just not that into you

fiction or non-fiction: non-fiction

first book read: umm I'm an old lady and i barely remember my kids birthdays let alone what book i first read, but i'll have to go out on a limb and say the disney series-cinderella etc... and, by the way, when i was in the first grade, i was reading at a 12th grade level and look at me now.

largest impact: their eyes were watching god, i love to read books from authors back in the day, it makes me wonder about how it was back in the olden days

favorite scholarly book: umm what does scholarly mean?

sexiest book: any book by eric jerome dickey and zane, but if you keep reading about the sexcapades over and over, it gets like porn, very boring (ahem, not that i ever watch porn), i'm just assuming

biggest disappointments: beloved, thought this book was extremely weird. didn't get the book or the movie though i tried really really hard

five books that mean something to me:
1. Bible - self explanatory
2. Their eyes
3. Roots
4. Mama by terry mcmillan
5. does the phone book count?

3/6/05 23:54  
Blogger Rob said...

:) I'd shudder to even have to count the books we have here...1000 sq. ft. condo and it's got bookshelves lining over 2/3 of the walls.

4/6/05 23:31  
Blogger Nick Davis said...

Just posted my answers last night, Summer... thanks for hauling me in on this!

7/6/05 15:42  

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