Thursday, June 09, 2005

let's play...muzik tag!!!!

when i was seventeen/i did what people told me...

last week, book tag really picked up. i'ma start my own similar meme:
  1. total number of albums/cds i own: hundreds. not including burned cds, and shit i've downloaded onto several computers. despite my love of muzik, my collection is hardly impressive. that said, i prolly have more cds than books. hmmm.
  2. the last album/cd i bought: esthero's we r in need of a musical revolution, and common's be.
  3. last album/cd i listened to: the beach boys pet sounds (don't sleep on this shit).
  4. currently listening to: tears for fears songs from the big chair.
  5. lyrics or beats: lyrics baby.
  6. first album you fell in love with: tie between rick james' (bitch) street songs, and janet jackson's control. i played the latter so much, it warped on my emerson turntable because i left it there exposed to the sun. as for rick james (bitch), i remember being able to play records before i could read. i couldn't read the motown label on the album, but i recognized its colors. sometimes the wrong albums would be in the wrong sleeves and i'd get street songs mixed up with lionel ritchie. but anyway, if you've ever seen the album cover of street songs, you'll notice rick wearing these bright red leather boots that go up to his thighs. when i was little, my mom's leather knee boots came up to my waist. i would put those on and rock out to rick james (bitch).
  7. album with the largest impact: marvin gaye's what's going on. i didn't really listen to this album until i was maybe 16, after i heard it, i became so obsessed with muzik i couldn't stand myself. i was so blown away by the lyrics of 'what's going on?' and 'mercy mercy me' that i copied them down to learn them. to this day, hearing marvin say, 'what about this overcrowded land/how much more abuse from man/can she stand?' i feel it in his voice. f'real.
  8. favorite album: so hard to decide. let's go with rastaman vibration; or the 3rd disc of marley's songs of freedom box set.
  9. most listened to album: the miseducation of lauryn hill; and aquemini (kast).
  10. sexiest album (some shit you{'d} fuck to): there are sooo many, including my own mixtapes. but let's just go with a black lezzie response and say meshell's comfort woman.
  11. biggest disappointment: too many to name, all of common's shit; talib kweli's shit; all nas after it was written; mos def's the new danger; so many more.
  12. five albums that mean the most to you: rastaman vibration (marley); thriller (m. jackson); it takes a nation of millions to hold us back (public enemy; bought this off some kid back in elementary skool. steppops took it from me. that's how i knew i needed to fuck with hip hop. p.e. saved my life.); purple rain (prince); donny hathaway (donny hathaway; you all need to know about donny hath, for real.); my life (mary j. blige). i know that's six, but i couldn't leave off mary.
  13. album tag, you're it: whoever wants to carry on the torch. (c'mon somebody do it, please!)

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger Nick Davis said...

This just proves that you don't even want me to finish my dissertation!

I'll be back with this in a while.

9/6/05 16:01  
Blogger Miss Jessi said...

I got you Summer, darlin... it'll be posted on the blog...

9/6/05 17:15  
Blogger Nick Davis said...

God bless you, though - ever since you wrote this, I've been rocking "The Pleasure Principle" and the whole album on the stereo. A miracle: How 2 Enjoy the Dissertation Process, by Janet Jackson. "I'm not here to feed your insecurities/ I wanted you to love me...."

What track on this album DIDN'T get belted into the hairbrush on many a middle-school afternoon? "So young and so naive, I thought it would be E-Z..." Jesus, Control still hits it.

9/6/05 19:46  
Blogger summer m. said...

@nick: a classic, homie.

i'm over here singing with you.

9/6/05 19:50  
Blogger mwilli said...

How come everytime i read this blog i feel like i'm back in school and have to think about shit and turn in my work?, but i love it.

9/6/05 20:17  
Blogger mwilli said...

oh yeah i'll post it on my blog cuz like a moron on the last book tag i posted in your comment box. forgive me for being a blog virgin.

9/6/05 20:19  
Blogger Nick Davis said...

Assignment completed.

10/6/05 01:19  
Blogger Lee said...

two broken bottles
in his back
another one
in his hand

hey! hey! hey!

someone's gonna die tonight

ummm. anyway, excited to pick this one up. i promise it'll be far more interesting than my response to the book tag (i'm boring with the books).

summer: at the punk rock party Je played the one song you absoletely need to know: cwa's "chickenhawk." and yet you weren't there.

10/6/05 02:45  
Blogger Lee said...

"Je" is a typo of "we". Sorry.

10/6/05 02:51  
Blogger summer m. said...

@mwilli: if you feel like you're in skool when you read my shit, i'm not doing my job. :(

@lee: i was totally coming to your party, but it ended up being just me and my friend moving her shit to her new place so it took us like 2 days. sorry! but i will check out 'chickenhawk.' i really wanna get into punk. wanna help me?

10/6/05 09:16  
Blogger Lee said...

summer--did you see the simpsons episode where homer asks ned to read the bible to him? it's kinda like that. anyway, sure.

for the record, i was drunk off my ass when i posted that last night. i'm surprised it's not more obnoxious than it is. in fact, i'm amazed i remembered my blogger password.

10/6/05 11:10  
Blogger summer m. said...

@lee: i loooove the fact that you commented on my blog and you were drunk. i'm really honored.

as for the simpsons episode. in a nutshell: no, i haven't seen that episode. there's a story behind that no, though.

10/6/05 11:14  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

Ms. Summer I have done the deed. Thanks for the lesson.

12/6/05 15:54  

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