Thursday, August 04, 2005

reasons why i'm cranky today (or, that which is currently exacerbating my general crankiness):

  • german is a pain in my big black ass.
  • it seems as if i will never be prepared for my oral exams. speaking of orals...
  • even though i've been out of the game for some time, and am generally regarded as a certified misogynist, i fantasize about women all damn day.
  • i'm still recovering from that nigga ye's impromptu appearance at the hob the other night. (and yes, the jaw is quite prominent in person. in fact, i found myself being drawn to him, but i'm pretty sure that's because my belt buckle was magnetically attracted to his face.)
  • speaking of that concert, john legend also makes me cranky.
  • star jones makes me realize my work as a hatin' ass blogstar will never be done.
  • my knee is still fucked up.
  • due to the above condition, i haven't been to the gym. thus, my insomnia has returned.
  • because i haven't been to the gym in (almost two weeks), i'm convinced that my sexy ain't all the way right.
  • charlie murphy says we can stick a fork in chappelle's show.
  • i have no clue what tomorrow's essay will be.
  • down to earth was the last thing i watched on tv last nite. it's a chris rock movie. and if you've ever seen a chris rock movie...**
  • 174 days and counting...

thank you for your time.

**except for pootie tang. pootie tang is a classic.

also, it's been brought to my attention that folks might be having some difficulty voting for the 2005 black weblog awards. just go to the site, click on "awards", scroll down to the "cast your ballot" section, fill out the form, and click "vote". once you've done that, a page should come up telling you who/what you just voted for. at least, that's what happened to me.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger n.o.s. said...

Sa da tay!

4/8/05 09:47  
Blogger Karsh said...

Y'know...I've gotten that too. I'll probably go in and change "Awards" to "Vote" to make it a little more intuitive.

4/8/05 13:16  
Blogger Dayrell said...

they're putting a fork in dave. noooo! say it ain't soooo! LOL.

4/8/05 14:52  
Blogger a. said...

Thank you for always making me laugh!
I almost feel sorry for Star (but not quite!).

4/8/05 14:55  
Blogger Amadeo said...

Pooty Tang is one of my personal heroes...

4/8/05 15:34  
Blogger Morcy said...

And he's a hero, too!

4/8/05 16:33  
Blogger nahmix said...

why won't john legend do something about his hair?

4/8/05 19:35  
Blogger Jdid said...

I think you're like psychic or something cause I was just checking the sie to get your webaddress for the awards thing.

so if you are psychic can you help a brother out, what are tomorrows lotto numbers?

4/8/05 19:41  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

german is a real bitch and she needs her ass kicked.

4/8/05 20:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why won't John Legend stop wearing Kanye's hand-me-downs?

4/8/05 20:56  
Blogger mwilli said...

i happen to think that pootie tang was some of chris rock's best work... and when is john legend going to actually put on a good show? i've seen him perform twice and was disappointed both times.

4/8/05 22:01  
Blogger solitaire said...

John Legend is an undercover 'mo. Straight up.

Sa da tay!

Chris Rock's "Head Of State" was hilarious...because of Bernie Mac.

11/8/05 09:04  

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