Tuesday, June 28, 2005

the love below: take i

let's face it: i'm a hater. i'm good at it. it's why the five of you read this bullshit blog. it's genetic. vardaman's mother is a fish; my mother is a hater. thus, in contrast to my usual shallow, superficial, assholish, highly unsophisticated shitty self, periodically i'm going to post things i love. yeah, it's true. summer m. loves things. but this isn't gonna be some i love my mama and my family list. i'm gonna post random shit, because that's how i do.

anyway, let the stream of consciousness begin. shit i love:
  • banana popsicles
  • the way a basketball sounds when it goes through the hoop without touching the rim.
  • to hear people who can really cuss, cuss.
  • watching white people eat 'soul food.'
  • the way a certain recent u of c graduate's ass looks in her workout gear. spandex was made for you, sweetie. (yeah, i objectify women. sue me. you'll get some worn books and about a half a bottle of grey goose.)
  • jean grae's flow
  • my homegirl rrrrachel's laugh. (her general disposition--in seasons not winter--is pretty fuckin' great. even i smile when she's around.)
  • the feeling you get when the dj plays that song. you know, when you throw your hands up and go, "oh!!!"
  • the smell of new sneakers.

now you spread the love.

what have the chix gotten into now?

being bobby brown: THE BLOG!!!!
just like the reality tv show, except even more ridiculous.

featuring commentary by: safire, nahmix, and yours truly.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger rrrrrrrachel said...

you are the best. you know that made me cry. i'm on my period, but whatever. tears are tears.

29/6/05 14:04  
Blogger Alii said...

lol- hmm i bet i know some spelman ass that can outdo that U of C ass in spandex that you tryna holla at

29/6/05 17:24  

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