Friday, August 12, 2005

this weekend's essay: guilty pleasures

i'm not generally ashamed to say i dig something. you all know about my unhealthy obsession with the golden girls;i've made it pretty clear that i play maroon 5's songs about jane on a regular basis; and i'll continue to love coldplay even though, among other things, chris martin married gwyneth paltrow.

there are a few things i dig that i don't advertise as much, though. often, i'll be alone enjoying such things and i'll wonder, 'what would folks say if they saw me...?' so this weekend's essay is about your guilty pleasures. sort of a lighter version of confessions. you can keep it as clean or as dirty as you want. i'm pretty sure no kids are reading this.

  • that's so raven--i know, it's a corny show, and i'm so not the demographic they intend to attract. but what can i say? i love this show. even though the writing's pretty bad (yeah, like, worse than the writing on this blog), i think raven simone is relatively talented. she's not too bad at the whole physical comedy thing. i also really hope her affiliation with disney can do for her what it did for hillary duff, lindsey lohan, and the olsen twins. minus the eating disorders, of course. oh, and, def jef produced her theme song. who in here remembers def jef?
  • ludacris' flow--i dig the mouth of the south, ok? i've pretty much had a soft spot in my heart for him since 'phat rabbit'. he's really the only mc out there that really tries to utilize his voice in all sorts of ways. you know, how busta rhymes used to do back in the day. i think he's rather clever, and i like his style. ludacris will make me like a song i otherwise wouldn't. only because of him, i fuck with the remix of u(r)sher's 'you don't have to call', and ciara's 'whoa'. i saw him right after his first album dropped in lil wheezy. i appreciate him for coming to my hometown and putting on a pretty good show.
  • maury povich--i think i mentioned this a while ago--back before i was a blogstar you all love to hate--but i just can't get enough of a show about paternity tests. call it ignorant. call it schadenfreude. call it whatever you want. i just loooove it when a woman is 1000% sure that mookie is her baby's daddy only to find out that he's not. she runs off stage, he does a victory dance. i'm telling you, moments like that are what television is all about. i cannot imagine any other reason why tv was invented. maury povich and cheaters, i tell you. i'm going to hell for watching those shows.
  • cookie dough--i like cookie dough more than i like cookies. back in the day, i used to have to wait until christmas time to get my hands on some cookie dough. now that i'm a grown ass woman, whenever i get a craving, i can walk to the store and purchase a tube of it. i take it home, grab a spoon, and eat. all that cookie dough will make you sick junk: it's all lies i tell you. all lies. i am living proof that cookie dough will not make you (that) sick. my personal favorites are snicker doodle and butter cookie dough--which i still have to wait until christmas time to get. i have a thing for cake batter, too. some junk you just never grow out of, i guess.
enjoy the weekend. if it quits raining, i'm going to deshi's (skew it on the) barbecue.

language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. language alone is meditation. ~toni morrison


Blogger Amadeo said...

I was with you on Maroon 5 and I have the Golden Girls theme song on my hard drive right now...I'm backing away from the Raven Simone thing though...I personally have an obsession with cheesey 80's agent has advised me not to give any names.

12/8/05 11:23  
Blogger a. said...

Yo, I still listen to Songs About Jane like it just came out. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of grown ass people without children watching Raven (yes, I am one of them). Her little brother's the funniest with his money making schemes. Ludacris is far underrated as a lyricist. I'd have to say he's the best from the south.

12/8/05 16:17  
Blogger MB said...

that's so raven is the hottness!!

I also enjoy country music, two songs in particular "Me and Charlie Talking" and "Jimmy's got a girlfriend"

oh and dirty south crunk . . . i'm like che with bling on (or a black feminist who secretly bumps things she shouldn't)

12/8/05 17:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo summer. email me your address---I have something to mail you that will send you over. One word: O.


12/8/05 17:24  
Blogger deshi said...

i can't stand raven simone. not after how cute she was in the cosby show. she's one of those over zealous actors now... like... over the top kinda sorta.
anyway, to each her own.
i'm kinda ashamed to admit that i like averil lavigne's (sp) song "i'm with u".

oh, and remember what you were supposed to pray for to jesus (for me)? well, add no rain on that prayer list for me wouldja please?

i like when other people pray to jesus for me. you rock summie.

12/8/05 18:32  
Blogger Lee said...

i watch a lot of really crappy television. stuff like maximum exposure, extra, cops, and inside edition. i'm not sure i'd call it "pleasure," but definitely "guilty."

i also watch a lot of really dorky PBS stuff. like "chicago tonight" and whatever else is on. one time, when i was really hungover, i even watched an animated kid's show with talking airplanes and helicopters, whose human mechanics were teaching them how to be good friends and remember birthdays and stuff.

in any case, i saw on extra recently that toby keith is also a ludacris fan. he even told the reporter he'd consider collaborating with him. god help us all.

12/8/05 20:08  
Blogger mwilli said...

i too watch that's so raven because i have four kids and it's better for them than watching the booty videos.

i basically play the best of barry white and al green almost everyday.

mint chocolate chip ice cream in a cone and....

i hope it continues to rain as i was not invited to said barbecue at deshi's.

oh and i love cookie dough to death, pillsbury or nestle tollhouse, but it does make me sick.

12/8/05 23:28  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

Yeah I like Raven too. But then I also liked Keenan and Kel so what does that say abt my taste.

I also like the heck out of that new Mariah Carey hit. I like as much as I hate Fantasia's Free Yourself.

But once again Summer, if I was not 100% sure I know all of my children, I would think that you could be one of them because I thought I was the only one who liked the Golden Girls and Maury's Who da daddy shows.

You are either brilliant or insane but you keep on being the weirdness that you are.

13/8/05 08:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a strong affinity for things that I seemingly shouldn't...

I also enjoy watching Cheaters and Maury.

I think Hank Williams, Sr.'s "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" is like the best heartbreak song ever.

Oh and I like brit pop.

I can't reveal's too embarrassing


13/8/05 22:11  
Blogger deshi said...

mwilli you are so wrong... lol... it did rain, but it stopped later and we proceeded with the festivities. it turned out to be a fabulous day once the rain stopped. and summer at like the broke ass college student she isn't.
hahaha... jk summer.
i'll be sure to put mwilli on every guest list from here on end despite the fact that she lives in bushland.

14/8/05 19:24  
Blogger deshi said...

the third sentence above should read:
"summer 'ate' like the broke ass college student she isn't"...

14/8/05 19:25  
Blogger Jdid said...

oh man i had/have a serious maury addiction.

also feeling you abit on raven, the few episodes i've seen are not that great but somehow you cant flip the channel

14/8/05 22:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone ever mention this to anyone, like they say in the movies, I have to kill ya!!

1. I love that new Backstreet Boys song "Incomplete" (I will never mention this to my peeps)

2. I have a secret obsession for Yo Yo Ma's music and all classical/opera.

3. I would rather listen to NPR or Air America then any radio programs out there today hip hop or whatever.

4. I also love to watch Raven and Teen Titans (even now the theme song is playing in my head)

Thank you for the chance to finally come clean and air my dirty laundry and now I must go. OHHH yeah one more secret I love Summer!!!!


15/8/05 02:08  
Blogger Miss Jessi said...

Guilty Pleasures? Hmm...

1)N-Sync-- yes, I own all 4 albums (the Christmas one too)

2)B2K-- yeah, I said it... You Got Served is one of my fave movies, I can't help it.

3) I'm with everyone else on That's So Raven... it's really a good show...

I can't tell you anymore, I've already said too much...

4)Maury and Cheaters... it's like crack I tell ya!!

15/8/05 09:57  
Blogger summer m. said...

@mostly everybody: i'm sooo glad there are more closet that's so raven, cheaters, and maury viewers.

@blu: normally i wouldn't want to be a guilty pleasure, but i will for you.

15/8/05 12:52  
Blogger solitaire said...

Yep, I posted on Raven ... I like her, I ain't frontin'.

15/8/05 17:38  

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